A Dance theater which in based on Talmudic texts and inspired by Dervish dances.

Directing and adaptation by: Ruthie Osterman

Kibbutzim College, Tel-Aviv, 2010




 “The evil found a new way to succeed. He doesn’t fight day and night to provoke and dismiss, but he attempts to take your truth away and then he lets you do everything properly – to work and pray. He does so because without having the real truth – what is care what you do?”

(Rabbi Menachem Mendel from Kotsk)


Two Talmudic “Midrashim” (religious allegories) tell the story of two loving couples. Between these two couples stands a pomegranate.

The married couple, Rabbi Chiya and his wife, do not have sexual relations.

The second couple takes the risk of a marriage offer which is rejected. The two couples experience a moment of internal and passionate awakening which will change their lives.

These are two stories about the fear of intimacy – with myself and with the other. Stories about gracious moments of agreement to be free, to meet myself without masks.



Adaptation and direction:

Ruthie Osterman


Yuval Shapira

Lighting design:

Ya’cov Sliv

Set and custom design:

Gili  Cocavi

Movement counseling:

Naama Redler


Eyal Zioban, Judit Margi, Lior Chason, Meital Peretz, Anat Aizik, Tzlil Chen Zaks.








All  videos were edited by Yoav Gershon.